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Shawna Totten

Star Consultant


My Story

A little about me and WHY I joined the Scentsy Family.

I am a very busy stay at home Mom with 4 beautiful children ranging in age from toddler to college student. My fiance had worked in the oilfield industry for over 12 years, and the recent recession and employment cutbacks hit our family really hard. In an effort to help ease the financial burden on my fiance in any way that I could, I decided to join Scentsy. I already loved the products, so it was an easy choice out of the many out there. From the very beginning, I was motivated and had so much fun building my business and customer base. I consistently earned Top Team Sales, and I have made more amazing friends that I ever have before in my life! The sense of Family and Support is truly second to none with this company, and the CEOs, Heidi and Orville, are incredibly down to earth and family oriented.

Scentsy is an amazing company, with products that people truly love and trust. 

So...that's my story. My "WHY" was so powerful, I needed to help feed my children and keep a roof over their heads...I needed to help my fiance with the financial burden. Now my "WHY" is going to change, I want to take my kids on holidays. I want to put money away for their education. All I know, is that Scentsy has helped me do what I "needed" to do, and I have had so much fun in the process.

Could YOU use an extra few hundred dollars every month? Do YOU need to feel that excitement and sense of purpose, like I do? 


My Favourite Scents